"Some artists look outwards and draw and paint what their eyes show them, they see landscapes, portraits and everyday things. Others look inwards and allow their mind to imagine worlds full of wizards, monsters or fantasies. Inside my mind I hear the call of a old mournful animal. A long lost creature who once showed my distant ancestors the world through bestial instincts. This creature has been passed down to me in the genes that structure my unconscious intuitive responses, but my creature has become entombed. Buried alive under my modern command of my every thought, and so I must learn to act without design so that I can sense the world through the echo's that remain of this original state of mind".


Paint soaked paper thrown against walls. Most people feel disturbed by this type of work because it provokes a negative response. The common objection is that this is not 'art' because anyone could do it. This is true, but it is an invalid argument because it implies 'art' is a cleaver pursuit rather than recall of a natural way of sensing. To regain this natural sensation of the mind requires you to look without any idea of what you are looking at.


My theory of modern art. You can read it here, or download as PDF.


My books on the idea that some modern artists – not all modern artists – have realised we possess two ways of sensing the objects and events around us. A learned intelligent way and an inherent instinctive way, and our mind works all the time to enforce intelligence to suppress the remains of the instinctive view.


My research papers. You can read them here, or download them all in PDF format

An Ancient Mind At Work

I am an 'outsider' who believes the art experience is a glimpse into a redundant state of mind. You cannot become an artist by learning to paint pictures, carve sculpture, write music, or perform dance, because these techniques arose to suppress a natural way of sensing, and it is this insight that true artists encounter in their view of the world. You are either sensitive to what little remains of this redundant experience of mind, or you are not.