“All my work is an attempt to help you realise we all possess two ways of looking. A learned intelligent way and an inherent instinctive way. I, as an artist, would like you to look in the inherent way but you won't do this because you are born to project 'learned' ideas over all you see and do. This is the way your mind has evolved because this way of thinking gave your distant ancestors a greater chance of survival in a world sensed by instinct. We therefore inherit a mind that works all the time to stop us encountering the inherent instinctive view, and this subdues our powers of perception by suppressing a deeper emotive and original experience of what confronts us.”

I am a self-taught artist with no formal qualifications. I worked as a manual labour on a car assembly line followed by employment at Aston University, Birmingham, England. I retreated to work in isolation in 1970 to try to look through the naivety that only intuition and instinct can give to you. The result of my research is not popular in today's art world where the emphasis is all about making a commodity that can be bought and sold in the marketplace.