The Work and Theory of a Modern Artist

Modern art is a hot topic. Everyone has an opinion about Damien Hirst's shark in formaldehyde, or Tracy Emin's unmade bed. In this book artist, CJ Hollins unpicks the reasons why art has taken such an apparently bizarre and controversial turn in modern times by showing how human intellect has marginalized our animal instinct in the depth of our mind. Painting without reason or controlled technique is described as a way to bring recall of this old animal way of sensing objects, and, for this reason, he believes art is an inherent experience, rather than a product made for the marketplace. Hollins tells us that condemning disruptive trends in art as mere worthless attention seeking is too superficial response, and we react this way because the uncertainty we confront in this type of art brings recall of the remains of an old inherent way of sensing by instinct.

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