Trace Element



This work is made by a meandering line of paint * in an attempt to create a sensation generated by instinct - as opposed to an art object pregnant with intellectual learning. I have simply hammered a nail hole into a tin that is then suspended, at arm length, from a string cradle, and I have walked until the paint ran out. The tin sways at random and records the place in time and space that created an experience generated in my mind without skill or predetermined thought. The chance movements of the tin and the unpredictable duration of the act trigger uncertainty, and this sensation opens the mind to an old way of sensing through instinct. It is this sensation that I believe is hidden behind our intelligent way of comprehending the world. People think this kind of work inartistic because anyone could do it, but the view that you are trying to discover requires a different state of mind to the traditional idea of art. You are trying to look at the world without intelligent learning, and this requires finding, or creating, an object that circumvents all established beliefs about what you see.

* Made with water based paint that is harmless to the environment